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House of Communications was founded in January 1990. Since her days as an undergraduate at Michigan State University, Darlene House dreamed of owning a business. She spent a decade, however, working in a corporate advertising department and advertising agency.

Her dreams became a reality sooner than originally planned due to agency downsizing. House had already started working on freelance assignments and decided to take the entrepreneurial leap. Her former employer, Ross Roy advertising agency, became one of her first freelance clients. Some of the others listed as initial clients remain on the roster.

The early years for House of Communications were spent focusing on communications projects for small businesses, advertising assignments for corporations and special events planning for non profits. As a result, House earned praise and special recognition for her distinctive work.

While contemplating what grad school major to select, House explored opportunities related to market research. She had worked on research projects with her professors and held part time research jobs while attending Michigan State. Although she earned her Master’s in speech communication from Wayne State University, research was an important part of her studies. During that time, House also worked for Affina, a market research firm. Research has grown to be a key area of expertise offered by House of Communications.

Today, companies and publications in all size ranges spotlighted in local success stories or international industry profiles turn to House of Communications. They seek assistance with efforts to answer difficult research questions and communicate more effectively. Non profits often contact House of Communications about creating signature events/promotions or assisting with publicity efforts.

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