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National Inspirational Role Models Month

Insights for Building Strong Foundations

HOC "Insights for Building Strong Foundations"

A series featuring tips and opportunities to enhance your chances for achieving success.

March / April 2007

Discover 15 Ways House of Communications Works With Authors/Poets:

1)  Manuscript Editing/Critique

2)  Signature Event Planning/Promotion/Execution

3)  News Release Creation/Distribution

4)  Media Relations/Communications Liaison

5)  Book Signing Scheduling Coordination

6)  Primary/Secondary Research Resource

7)  Revision/Updating Resource

8)  Ghost Writing for Presentation Scripts

9)  Ghost Writing for Articles/Columns

10)  Interviewing/Media Appearance Coaching Resources/Sessions

11)  Press Kit/Promotional Material Creation

12)  Special Event Planning/Promotion/Execution

13)  Networking/Partnering Facilitation

14)  Award Recognition Opportunity Support

15)  Community Outreach/Networking Support

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